Providing therapy and counseling services for adults in Seattle


I practice from a relational, psychodynamic framework, and have experience working with individuals and groups— including a range of gender, age, background, and identity categories. Prior to therapy, I worked in the corporate sector.


Weekly therapy sessions for adults. Areas of specialty include anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, mid-life transition, grief / loss / death, family history, spirituality, sexuality, identity development, eating / body, and life purpose.

We will work together to find immediate solutions, while keeping an eye towards a long-term change process. This both alleviates current pain and promotes enduring life satisfaction.

Who have you been? (past)

Where are you? (present)

Who are you becoming? (future)

“what does love look like?

to which I replied,

like everything I’ve ever lost, come back to me”

—nayyirah waheed